About Us

Medint is one of  the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of healthcare supplies in the United States, providing more than 5.000 products that serve the entire continuum of care. Our innovative products and programs can be found in most hospitals, extended-care facilities, surgery centers, physician offices, home care dealers, home health agencies and retail outlets. 

We lead the market in more than a dozen major medical product categories, including: Needles and Syringes, Medical Gloves, Medical Apparel, Durable Medical Equipment, Plastic Patient Utensils, Skin care, Disposable Incontinence Care, OR kits, Protective apparel, Bathing systems, Surgical trays, Advanced wound care and more. 

Medint has the flexibility to make long-term investments in groundbreaking products, expand our distribution network, maintain high levels of inventory and provide our customers with personalized service and custom solutions that are unmatched in the industry.